What geographic region does Coastal Millwork operate?
While we don't like to limit any location, most of our work is done in the Southeastern United States, specifically South Carolina, Georgia (satellite construction office in Atlanta), North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama.

Do you provide Installation for other large millwork manufacturers?
We have no problem providing installation-only services to both our large industry partners and general contractors.

Do you service the residential market?
We are primarily a commercial contractor. However, one of our target markets is high-end multi-family projects (condos). We have completed a number of these projects to date and excel at providing our services based on the speed and volume of these projects. While not opposed to single family residential, it would have to be evaluated case by case.

Do you offer design services?
We offer design services to design professionals and enjoy being a part of the conceptual and budget process.

Is the plant open for tours?
We offer plant tours by appointment.