About Us

Coastal Millwork is an active member of AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) and a certified participant in the AWI-QCP. We maintain a premium grade certification in the following QSI’s:

  • Q300 - Standing & Running Trim
  • Q400B – PLAM Cabinets
  • Q500 – Wood Paneling
  • Q700 – Ornamental Work
  • Q900 – Jambs & Frames
  • Q1500 – Factory Finishing
  • Q400A – Wood Cabinets
  • Q400C - Countertops
  • Q600 – Shelving
  • Q800 – Stair Work & Rails
  • Q1400 – Stile & Rail Doors
  • Q 1700 - Installation

Our production management and design team have degrees and certifications in Design, Engineering, Construction Management, and Business Management. Our design engineers are highly knowledgeable of LEED specifications for all MR ratings and regularly incorporate LEED standards into our projects as specified in the project documents. In addition, all of our employees are required to take the AWI-QCP certification test every six months and many are required to take skill development courses (company paid) when available.

Our Goals

Here at Coastal Millwork and Supply, our goals are to:

  • Completely understand the owner’s, architect’s and general contractor’s expectations and exceed them every time;
  • Represent our General Contractor partners with the highest level of professionalism and scope expertise;
  • Perform all work, in-plant and job site, with the highest level of safety awareness for ourselves and others;
  • Maintain solid financials and bonding capacity;
  • Provide the highest quality products and provide them within the schedule parameters set by the General Contractor while exceeding the quality expectations of the owner; and,
  • Work proactively with all trades to ensure complete project success and TEAM approach.
Our Philosophy

"Exceed expectations, every time"

Coastal Millwork is committed to building long-term partnerships with quality general contractors, architects, and interior design professionals. The relationship process allows us to better focus on the procedures and expectations of specific clients. No matter how big or small the project size is we are committed to maintaining our partnerships.

Coastal Millwork is a hybrid relative to most of our traditional competition. We are foremost construction project focused, capable of combining the artisan skill of a ‘traditional’ millwork shop with the new technology of a high production facility that allows us to meet the project schedule of large commercial projects with AWI quality products. Based on our assessment of the commercial woodwork industry, we define ourselves as a Non-traditional millwork contractor. We combine the best practices of a construction contractor with the manufacturing demands of a woodwork fabricator. Quality and management are the hallmark of our business.


Coastal Millwork has provided numerous performance bonds on past projects ranging from $300,000.00 to $2,300,000.00. We work very hard to maintain a high level of bonding capacity to ensure our inclusion in large projects. Click here to read a bond reference letter.

Safety Programs

In the plant and in the field, safety is our number one priority, for us and those around us. Our managers hold weekly safety meetings and daily safety checks in the plant. Our field superintendents hold weekly field safety meetings and are constantly looking for unsafe practices not only by our employees but also other trades. We have a documented safety plan that is provided to the general contractor prior to mobilization.

Coastal Millwork has a zero tolerance drug policy and we do perform random drug testing for all employees on a regular basis.

The Plant

Coastal Millwork calls home a 36,000 sq/ft climate controlled facility incorporating 26,000 sq/ft of general manufacturing space, an 800 sq/ft finish room with multiple high powered lighting configurations, 5,000 sq/ft countertop fabrication shop, and 4,200 sq/ft of additional storage. In the last three years, we have heavily invested in premium, high capacity equipment, all with the newest technology and support. Our production is anchored on around brand new dual SCM nested CNC routers and is 100% Auto-CAD / bar code driven.

We have recently renovated and expanded our finish room. By adding a new 15,000 CFM outflow fan and expanding the capacity and quality of our in-take filtration system, we are even more capable of providing high-end transparent and lacquer finishes at a higher level of production.

Engineering/Manufacturing Software

Coastal Millwork uses the most sophisticated engineering software available (Microvellum) in conjunction with new equipment that incorporates the latest technology. Our general commercial production is 100% Auto-CAD driven and our software library consists of the entire AWI commercial library. Our software is capable of driving the most sophisticated architectural project from Auto-CAD engineering directly to our production equipment, including our Weeke 250BC CNC, through shipping. Every component is bar coded and every ‘finished piece’ is bar code labeled and tracked through the inventory and delivery tracking function. Every component is accountable.

We utilize a LT-55 Laser Template device for field confirms. This CAD based system communicates directly with our CAD based manufacturing software to provide exact casework and architectural millwork dimensioning.


"The devil's in the details"

We recognize the key to all successful projects is the pre-construction phase. Our motto here is ‘leave no stone unturned’. We have a very stringent SOP for our pre-construction process that provides checks and balances for all aspects of our scope. We believe that complete, accurate, and organized information is the key to success. It is our goal and responsibility to find out everything the customer expects our product to be including all finish selections, any impact other trades have on us delivering this product as expected and per the schedule, identify and work through ‘red flag’ issues before manufacturing, and provide detailed engineering for production and installation.

With our shop drawing submittals, we also require approved physical samples for transparent and opaque finishes, plastic laminate and/or composite selections, veneer samples, and solid surface/stone selections. We do not make assumptions and any conflicts between drawings and actuality are addressed promptly through the appropriate channels. Our impact goal is to minimize the job-site schedule by proactively eliminating any installation or product issues. All of our production drawings are reviewed by three management teams prior to being released for manufacturing. All employees are periodically given written tests on our pre-construction SOP.

High Production

High production was the cornerstone for the formation of our company. We knew there were hundreds of millwork companies out there, all capable of manufacturing nice millwork. However, there is only a few custom, commercial millwork operations nationwide capable of producing, installing, and managing a high volume of high quality products. In our industry, high volume normally means low quality, pre-fabricated casework that never meets AWI standards and has very limited (if any) custom capabilities.

We started Coastal Millwork to fill that absence. Our equipment capacities, plant layout, engineering/manufacturing software, project management SOP, and employment requirements are all strategically designed to provide that service above expectations.

Currently, we can produce up-to 80 completed commercial cabinets daily without effecting our architectural and countertop manufacturing output requirements. In addition, we are capable of providing the field management and required labor to install large quantities of millwork and casework.

Project Management

We believe our project management is the most comprehensive in our industry. In conjunction with our pre-construction, our job-site management team starts early in the project by monitoring the work of the framer and MEP contractors and evaluating their potential impact on our work. In addition to identifying potential problems we begin coordinating and building relationships with other impact trades as part of the team-build philosophy. We focus heavily on meeting or exceeding our scheduled installation obligations and have successfully managed the logistics of million dollar millwork contracts without effecting the job-site or schedule.

All projects have an assigned project superintendent who monitors and enforces climate control issues, safety regulations, material logistics, installation quality standards, and TEAM coordination with other trades.