CMS Awarded Charleston Airport Renovation Project

[November 2014] If it’s not sheet rock in the interior, it’s a product from CMS. CMS has already mobilized after being awarded the coveted interior finishes package of the $200,000,000.00 airport renovation. Due to a great resumé of successfully completed million dollar plus projects and a reputation for high quality and making schedules on large projects, CMS is rolling forward. The products for this project range from European phenolic panels to stainless steel features along with complex, highly designed solid surface casework. It is another great opportunity for CMS to show how well it can manage large jobs and beat the expectations of the design team, general contractor, owner, and the public. We really look forward to the completion of this project as it is a wonderful design and will give Charleston a great first impression for all our visitors.

CMS is FSC Chain of Custody Certified

[November 2014] The world is going green and CMS is right there with it. One of the few FSC CoC millwork contractors in the Southeast US, CMS can ensure you meet the LEED specifications when it calls for it. Per the FSC Standards, a millwork fabricator/installer must be FSC certified in order for the project to get either the MR7 LEED points or meet the specifications when FSC is required. We go through a vigorous annual FSC audit every year and we are committed to maintaining this valuable certification. Please contact us anytime if you are interested in knowing what FSC certification means and how it affects LEED projects.

CMS Completes the Clemson School of Architecture

[January 2012] CMS partnered with Holder Construction in constructing the interior of the new Lee Hall Clemson School of Architecture. This project was very challenging since the design called for all of the millwork to carry the structural integrity of the two story walls. CMS had to develop and incorporate the PE stamps and calculations for the wall structures. Using over 55,000 linear feet of hardwood, CMS built two story 12x12 window frames with a ½" reveal covering over 175' each, while meeting AWI premium grade standards.

CMS Completes Boeing HQ Projects

[January 2012] Working with Turner Construction and KBR Construction, CMS successfully completed the Boeing Welcome Center and Boeing Delivery Center projects. Both projects included high scale design and specialty materials, especially the delivery center. The translucent concrete countertops we provided were custom made in Hungary. The design mix on both projects included high quality specialty wood veneers, 3-Form and Lumicor paneling assemblies, and Vivid Glass cladding. In addition, the solid surface work was full wrap features and wall-scapes.

CMS Becomes ‘Certified 3-Form Partner’

[January 2011] During 2010, CMS partnered up with 3 Form as a ‘certified partner.’ While always a supplier, CMS now works directly with 3-Form in design solutions and project cost optimization. CMS offers complete supply, cut-size dimensioning, design support, and installation of all 3 Form products and hardware. Even if you purchase from another source, we are happy to provide installation services for all 3 Form designs and products. Contact us at 843-873-9192 or Chris Hawkins with 3 Form at 704-264-5333 today.

CMS Adds New CNC Router To Its Arsenal

[January 2011] CMS recently added more high speed equipment to its manufacturing facility. In order to meet increased demand and faster schedules, we made the investment into a new SCM nested base CNC router with state of the art material handling support. With the technology for this equipment reaching a plateau over the last few years, we knew the time was right and the newer, simpler, and faster automated material handling components has taken us to a new level of efficiency. When combined with our Micorvellum software, we have increased our throughput capacity by 200% with even greater quality.

CMS Forecasts a Banner Year in 2011

[January 2011] Perseverance in principle has its rewards. The drop in the economy resulted in an even bigger drop in value in our industry. Unexpectedly, other respectable millwork companies began selling their services below the cost to perform, but not CMS. While it was tough, we maintained our standards during estimating and optimized production to lower costs with great results. Our reputation for providing high quality millwork on schedule even during the downturn has already increased our 2011 contract business 42% over 2010. The investment in more high speed manufacturing equipment and more quality employees still only puts us at 50% of our management capacity so we look forward to continued growth and excellence in 2011.

CMS achieves AWI-QCP Premium Certification

[August 2009] Coastal Millwork has been certified as a premium grade fabricator and installer by the AWI for sections 300 through 1700 of their Quality Standards. This is the highest quality achievement available for the woodworking industry. As a certified participant in the AWI-QCP, Coastal Millwork can provide AWI certificates and labels for all specified grades of work.

The AWI-QCP program is designed to ensure that design professionals and owners have an expert third party agency that inspects production and installation practices of certified millworkers for a particular project. This ensures that the quality levels as stated in the project specifications are met. Only millwork contractors that have met the rigorous requirements, inspections, and testing can be certified and participate in the AWI-QCP program.

For more information about the AWI-QCP, please visit or

CMS completes Historic Pine Lakes CC Project

[May 2009] Coastal Millwork & Supply recently completed renovation and new construction of the famous Pine Lakes Country Club. Pine Lakes Country Club is a registered National Historic Site and the first golf course in Myrtle Beach, SC. It is also the birth place of Sports Illustrated magazine.

Our scope of work included the renovation of the Governor’s Suite & Ball Room including the wood replication of historic plaster work and replacing the monumental front entry with an exact mahogany replica. New construction included a fitness center, locker rooms, a small pub and bar area, library, the main restaurant and bar, and pro shop.

Click here for video. (Courtesy of The [Myrtle Beach] Sun News.)

New CMS Construction Office in Atlanta

[May 2009] To better serve our Georgia and Alabama general contractors, Coastal Millwork and Supply LLC has opened a construction office in Atlanta, GA. The new office is managed by Casey Clark, Regional Project Manager. Casey has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and a light commercial general contractor’s license. Casey is responsible for regional project management including installation management and pre-construction. Please contact Casey,, with any questions about Coastal Millwork and Supply services and products.