Our Team

Chris Wagner – President / Owner / Business Development

Chris Wagner has been in management since graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Business Management. After serving in the US Army, he spent over a decade successfully managing a multi-million dollar, multi-state business unit for one of the largest publicly held companies in the world.

Grant Finlayson – Plant Manager / VP Manufacturing

Grant has been in the custom wood working industry for over 20 years. He has spent years as a custom casework design engineer and a project manager, often in both capacities at once. He is an expert in AWI requirements and standards, and is also our FSC certification steward. Grant brings strong discipline and organization to the manufacturing process and often works 12-hour days to make sure product quality exceeds expectations and meets schedules.

Dave Comer – Sr. Project Manager / Sr. Design Engineer

Dave is our newest Senior Project Manager/Engineer. With over 16 years of experience in the commercial architectural woodwork industry and five years in architectural field, Dave brings superior design skills, experience, and expertise to our project management team. A graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Architecture, Dave's experience in both design engineering and project management has helped establish CMS as one of the industry leaders in the Southeast.

Jay Youngs – Sr. Project Manager / Sr. Design Engineer

Jay is our most senior design engineer and draftsman. Years of working as an architectural draftsman has given Jay the ability to design fast and complete documents for both submittals and production. Jay manages our whole engineering department ensuring that all of our draftsman are meeting the required criteria and time schedule for your project.

Charlie Cottone – Project Design Engineer

Charlie comes to CMS after spending over 15 years in architectural design work for a large developer/general contractor. Focusing on interiors throughout his career, Charlie is one of the most proficient CAD designers to work for CMS. Charlie has tackled some of our higher profile projects and has been a great asset to our company.

Luis Lozoya – Project Design Engineer / Project Manager

Luis started his professional career years ago as a project manager for a custom casework manufacturer and has brought significant industry knowledge to the table. He is originally from Spain and has an advanced degree in engineering from the University of Segovia. Originally filling a project management roll for CMS, Luis' strong engineering skills and design/programming capabilities, combined with project management experience, made Luis a dual threat and great fit in our engineering department. Luis has a natural proactive style that is the backbone of our management philosophy.

Kristin Ogren – Sr. Project Administration / Estimating / Purchasing

Kristin is the nucleus of our pre-construction team. Her responsibilities include project administration, estimating support, and purchasing. On top of handling all project change order requests, she is also our AWI & LEED compliance officer. Kristin is the information hub for the whole company and a highly organized professional. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Design degree (honors) and has earned multiple associate degrees. She has been in the casework industry for eight years and is very familiar with all aspects of design and project administration.

Mark Phifer – Field Project Manager

With decades of hands on wood working and management experience, Mark has proven capable of pro-actively solving most job-site constraints and getting high quality products produced on schedule. Mark is an expert in aspects of casework construction, from commercial plastic laminate boxes to specialty veneer lay-ups and finishing. Mark is also very instrumental in design and installation techniques and is involved in every project in these aspects.

Dan McCarthy – Project Manager

Dan has been in the casework industry for over 30 years and understands the complexities extremely well. He has worked in almost every capacity of the business with the bulk of his time spent as a Plant Manager with a large cabinet company. His Army background is evident in his tireless efforts to get things done.

Grayson Stoneman – Assistant Project Manager/Project Engineer

Grayson is our first College of Charleston graduate recruit and has done a great job in supporting all CMS projects. Graduating in 2015 with dual degrees in Urban Planning and Historic Preservation, he has been very motivated to be a top professional in our industry. Asked to do many things, Grayson handles almost all our GC info system updates, physical submittals, and the daily ritual of ensuring all our project communications are logged properly. Additionally, Grayson assists the management teams directly on multiple projects.

The Shop

Being a custom fabricator of high quality millwork and casework under tight delivery schedules is extremely demanding on the manufacturing shop. It requires the best employees to make this happen and CMS has the best in the business. Our shop professionals are master artisans in multiple areas, disciplined professionals, problem solvers, and integral to our success. Our shop team leaders are always a part of our design process due to their construction knowledge and attention to the smallest details. The Shop is truly the back bone of CMS.